Rules & Conditions

The Mr. Delaware Bear and Cub Contest

will be held at the Crimson Moon Tavern in Wilmington DE

on Friday & Saturday, December 7 and 8, 2018.

The contest is open to any gay/bi-sexual/transgender men over 21 years of age.

All contestants will be required to complete the following tasks in order to be eligible to compete in the contest:

Task 1

Complete the online contest application

and submit the $35, non-refundable fee.

Task 2


Have (4) outfits ready for the nights of the contest.

  • Bear Wear (show off the bear colors) Friday evening
  • Underbear wear (break out your best underwear)
  • Bear character wear
    Make it fun or sexy or silly, dress as your favorite tv, cartoon, or pop culture character bear
  • Formal Wear (dress to impress)

Task 3


Participants MUST check-in by 5:00pm on Friday December 7, 2018

There will be a brief mandatory Orientation Meeting on Friday evening to discuss more information for all contestants.

Task 4

Charity Raffle

Contestants will be required to sell Raffle Tickets to raise money for our winners chosen charity’s (Friday night only).

Highest ticket sales will be used to determine the winners in the event of a tie.

Task 5

Basket Donation

All contestants are asked to bring (1) raffle basket of items to be on display for our Raffle Friday evening.

The contestant with the highest number of tickets in their raffle ticket box will win a free pass to the 2019 Rohobeth bear weekend.

Task 6

Applicant and Winner Rules and Regulations

Contestants must adhere to all rules & regulations associated with the Mr. Delaware Bear and Cub Contest.

If you are one of the winners of the 2019 Mr. Delaware Bear and Cub contest, you agree to represent Mr. Delaware Bear and Cub, and the Bear Community in a positive manner for (1) full year in events in your area, and/or abroad, including (but not limited to) state & local Pride events, future Mr. Delaware Bear contests, and bear/non-bear gay & lesbian activities in the contestant's home areas.

The winner will also host a fundraiser within the year of winning their titleship, as a way to give back to the community and promote the contest.

Finally, the winner will return to the Mr. Delaware Bear Contest to assist in the next year's contest.

Application Deadline

The deadline to enter in the Mr. Delaware Bear and Cub contest is November 30th, 2018.

Applications must be submitted online via the application page.

No changes will be made to applications after the deadline. No applications will be accepted after November 30th, 2018.


The Mr. Delaware Bear and Cub scoring method and contestant finalist process is very straight-forward.

We will have (3) judges on-site to observe all contestants’ interactions with the crowd throughout the weekend, and note how the well each contestant presents himself/herself in raffle ticket sales, on-stage presence, interviews, etc.

Scoring rubric:

Bear Wear Category(15% of Overall Score)
Underbear Wear Category(15% of Overall Score)
Judges Interviews(20% of Overall Score)
Bear Character Wear Category(20% of Overall Score)
On-Stage Question(10% of Overall Score)
Formal Wear Category(20% of Overall Score)

In the event of a tie, we will use the contestants’ raffle ticket sales tallies to determine a winner.
The contestant with the highest amount of raffle ticket sales will be awarded (1) additional point to break the tie.

By applying to compete for the Mr. Delaware Bear or Cub Title, you agree that: