Mr. Delaware Bear

Kevin Barni

Kevin Barni

Kevin, a 29-year-old native Delawarean, is an architectural historian, husband, cat dad, and most importantly a proud bear. As a food enthusiast, and semi-regular gym attendee, he hopes to use the platform of Mr. Delaware Bear to help others find a balance between a love of food and a healthy, active lifestyle and has chosen the Food Bank of Delaware as the charity he would like to represent as he values their commitment to reducing food scarcity, and teaching children about healthy eating habits and nutritious foods.

He first became involved in the bear community when living in Connecticut. While feeling homesick, and out for the night alone, he was approached by a sleuth of bears and was warmly welcomed into the community and formed life-long friendships. He has found that regardless of where life takes him bears are sure to be there, offering anyone a sense of place, acceptance, and community. Over the last two years he has, thanks in part to the previously mentioned semi-regular gym attendance, transformed his body and mind losing 90 pounds, and reshaping his relationship with food. This transformation initially led to a self-perceived loss of “bearishness”, a loss of place within the community based on appearance. However, he discovered that being a bear is much more than looking the part, but rather, it is the willingness to welcome everyone to the table and provide a safe and friendly space to those searching for one. He hopes to show everyone that bears come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and there are plenty of bear hugs to go around.

He has also chosen to run for Mr. Delaware Bear to have a platform to speak out on behalf of bears and any member of the LGBTQ community who is too timid to use their own voice to demand equal rights and protections under the law. We have seen what happens when the status quo goes unchecked, and it is time to come together and be vocal. If I am chosen to be Mr. Delaware Bear it would be my great honor to use the platform to amplify all our voices and fight for LGBTQ rights and protections.

Peter Campbell

Peter Campbell

When I first thought about competing for the title of Mr. Delaware Bear, I have to admit that I thought I would qualify simply because I am a hairy, masculine guy. All the guys I know whom I would describe as bears are hairy and masculine, so at first, I thought, “Yeah, I qualify!” But on second thought, I realized that there really is more to being a bear than just my appearance.

First, the men in the bear community whom I know are like me - full of interests that are off the beaten path. I have found fearless men who think outside the box. We have self confidence not only in our ideas but also in our appearance. That acceptance of body image, no matter what you look like, is at the core of the community. Inclusion and fraternal camaraderie are the hallmarks I’ve seen when I have gone to bear events like Delta, where everyone feels a sense of connection and brotherhood.

But where I see myself connecting most with the bear spirit is how this community of men gives back to others in need. Whether it’s raising money for LGBTQ organizations or helping to feed the hungry, the bear community is there to help. As I made the comparison between myself and bears, I thought, “I fit in here. Bears treat people the way I treat people - with dignity and respect. And if that represents the bear community, then I am definitely a proud bear!” I work for the Y, an organization that believes in helping all people achieve their personal goals. I am on the Advisory Board for LGBTQ issues at the Y.

I admit, I may be new to competitions, but I have been practicing the bear philosophy for a long time. So I thought it was time to take a stand, and make my voice heard through the Mr. Delaware Bear competition.

Jason Geldmacher

Jason Goldmacher

A 39 year old Ohio native, Jason strives each day to navigate through life with love and acceptance for all.

Having graduated from college with both a clarinet music education and an IT degree, he has strived to integrate both throughout his openly out and proud life. From serving on the LGBT Committee for the staff of the American Psychiatric Association, the AIDS Walk in Washington, DC to performing with the DC Different Drummer’s Band, and most recently with the West Chester Community Band; he continues to stay deeply involved with the community around him.

All his life, Jason has struggled with low self esteem, and bipolar disorder. He recently found a hugely accepting family of leather folk, bears, queers, lesbians, and transgendered at Crimson Moon; and is realizing the power of community with teaching him about self love. It is at this time, he is venturing out in the world to be seen, metaphorically, naked and exposed... out on stage for the rebranding of the 2019 Mr. Delaware Bear and Cub Contest.


Mr. Delaware Cub

Christopher Glauser

Christopher Glauser

My name is Christopher Glauser I am 23 years old. I have lived in Newark, Delaware my whole life.

I came out at 17 and hope to be Mr. Delaware Cub 2019. I have always been attracted to bigger, burly, hairy men. The bear community has given me a safe space to express my feelings with like minded people. My involvement in the community has been myself attending as many events as I can.

If I am fortunate enough to earn the title of Mr. Delaware Cub I will dedicate my time volunteering to LGBT charities and causes that make life better for all of us.

Xander T. Manchez

Xander T Manches

I am first and foremost excited and honored to be a part of the revival of the Mr. Delaware Bear/Cub competitions. I may not be your stereotypical Cub, and am a multi-time title holder in the local drag community, but none the less I hope my experience in the pageant and competition circuits will help me become your Mr Deleware Cub 2019!

At the very start of my time as part of the LGBTQ+ community in Jacksonville Florida, I had the amazing opportunity to be surrounded by the wonderful members of the Bear/Cub community. They have helped shape me into the man and entertainer I have become. With the revival of this contest I feel it is the perfect opportunity to take the support and love I have received and pay it forward to hopefully become a representative of Delaware and all the cubs therein! In that spirit I have chosen Delaware Youth Pride as my charity of choice, which is an amazing event that I believe so many of us wish we had when we were young and is a great way to help empower and remind the future LGBTQ+ generations that they are not alone.

I can't wait to see everyone at Crimson Moon and to show you all what this title would mean to me!

Brent Mooney

Brent Mooney

Woof! My name is Brent, I’m 24, and I consider myself a gaymer, geek, cub, and beard lover. I enjoy a nice gaming session and pizza in my boxers with my free time.Actually my love for food and beards actually is how I discovered the bear community.

Back in middle school I was bullied for being gay, but because they made it appear negative I denied it for a while until high school. However even after coming out I felt like I didn’t fit the mold of a “Gay”. I was not the chiseled, hairless, pretty boy everyone thought a gay was. I liked food, my body hair, and my beard so after high school I discovered the bear community and it was one of my best finds because I found a community where I could be me and not change who I was to be a weird Ken doll.

So why am I running for Mr Delaware Cub? Because I want to show us young bucks care about and can contribute more then just out young faces and mean comments.

Also I have chosen The Trevor Project as my charity for the event.

Eric Pisani

Eric Pisani

I am 38 and I reside in Philadelphia, PA. I relocated here from Pittsburgh, PA in 2014 where I was a member of the Burgh Bears.

I have been a baker & pastry chef for nearly 18 years and a preservationist working in private homes and historic structures preserving furnishings an other antiques. I am also a full time member of the Philadelphians Leather Club, an associate member of The Penssmen & Bucks MC Leather Club. I came into the bear community by way of working in bars at age 19 at a time when Queer As Folk had guys shaving their chests and going to the gym. The bear community snapped me up and took me under its wing to help create the person I am today. Meeting many men who shared with me their stories of acceptance of their bodies I was able to become a cub who is proud of not only who I am physically but emotionally. Body acceptance is a big founding factor of why I am competing, to show everyone that any size is love and fur is fabulous!

My platform will be focused on getting the word out about PCAR: Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, and PCADV: Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Helping those who want to help themselves but possibly do not know about such resources. My charity of choice to raise money for is The Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County.